Why should I exercise?

If exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed medicine in the nation. Why? Because nothing can do more to help your body function at its best.

Here are top 10 reasons to get moving:

1.Improve cardiorespiratory fitness: Regular activity strengthens the heart so it pumps blood more effeciently.

2.Tone muscles: With exercise , muscles become firmer, function more smoothly, and are capable of withstanding much more strain.

3.Reduce stress: Working out releases tensions and enhances your ability to deal with daily challenges.

4.Improve mood: Exercise may be the single most effective strategy for changing a bad mood. It also works wonders for reducing anxiety and depression.

5.Burn calories: Exercise speeds up metabolism, so the body uses more caloriesduring and after workout.

6.Increase flexibility: Exercise stretches and lengthens muscles and increases flexibilty in the joints.

7.Enhance strength and stamina: Muscle workouts improve the circulation of blood in the tissues and increases the bodys ability to sustained work.

8.Keep bones strong: Regular physical activity thickens the bones, possibly preventing the slow loss of calcium that normally occurs with age.

9.Lower risk of disease: Exercise helps prevent many serious health problems ,including high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and few cancers.

10.Put more life in your years , and possibly more years in your life: Physical activity slows down the ageing process , so you remain healtheir and more active for a longer time. And if you workout often and vigorously enough , you can actually expand your lifespan.


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