Top 10 Simple Changes To Improve Your Health

If you understand your health behavior and make these simple changes in your lifestyle, I will assure you that you will enjoy health as well as your wealth.

Here are top 10 simple changes to improve your health:

1. Use seat belts: In the last decade seat belts have saved more than 40,000 lives and prevented millions of injuries.

2. Eat and extra fruit or vegetable everyday: Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet can improve your digestion and lower your risk of cancer.

3. Get enough sleep: A goodnight’s rest provides the energy you need to make it through the following day.

4. Take regular stress breaks: A few quiet minutes spent stretching  , looking out of the window, or simply letting yourself unwind are good for body and soul.

5. Lose a pound: If you are overweight , you may not think a pound will make a difference , but it’s a step in the right direction.

6. If you are a woman , examine your breasts regularly: Get into a hobit of self examining the breasts every month after your periods.

7. If you are a man, examine your testicles regularly: These simple self exams can spot early signs of cancer when they are most likely to be cured.

8. Get physical: Just a little exercise will do some good. A regular workout schedule will be good for your heart, lungs, muscles, bones–even your mood.

9. Drink more water: Eight glasses a day are what you need to replenish lots of fluid , prevent constipation, and keep your digestive system working efficiently.

10. Do a good deed: Caring for others is a wonderful way to care for your own soul and connect with others.




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