Top 10 Tips For Healthy Heart

Heart diseases is one of the most common lifestyle disease which can be definitely prevented by few changes in the lifestyle.

Here we present top 10 tips for healthy heart:

  1. Don’t smoke: There is no bigger favor you can do to your heart or lungs!
  2. Watch your weight: Even relatively modest gains can have a big effect on your risk of heart disease.
  3. Cut down on saturated fats and cholesterol: This can help prevent high blood cholesterol levels, obesity, and heart disease.
  4. Get moving: Engage in regular physical activity. A little is better than none, more is even better.
  5. Lower your stress levels: If too much stress is a problem in your life, try the relaxation techniques.
  6. Know your family history: Inheriting the predisposition to high blood pressure or heart disease means that your heart needs extra preventive care.
  7. Get your blood pressure checked regularly: Knowing your numbers can alert you to a potential problem long before you develop any symptoms.
  8. Tame your temper: Hostility can be hazardous for heart. Look for other ways of releasing frustration.
  9. Get a lipoprotein profile: You can’t know if your heart is in danger unless you know your cholesterol and lipid levels. Get a blood test after your physical examination.
  10. Take appropriate medications: Those with high cholesterol or high blood pressure should seek their physician’s advice.




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