Top 10 tips why to do baby massage?

Since ancient days we have seen baby massage. With the development of science many people believe baby massage isn’t good. Here we present you the top 10 tips on baby massage if done the scientific way and after training yourself:


  1. Massage is the practical way of communicating love and affection to babies.
  2. Babies need touch and movement for their healthy development of their brains.
  3. The sense of touch develops in the 4th week in the womb, but it takes 2 years from birth to establish the brain connections that enable rational and caring responses.
  4.  This wiring is largely based on life experiences.
  5. Touch brings with it connection and communication, stimulation and relaxation, calming and healing.
  6.  Babies need quality interaction with the adults closest to them to feel secure and free to explore.
  7. In urban industrialized world babies are most often separated from their parents. Babies are kept in cribs, carriers, and seats.
  8.  Massage is the way to recreate active closeness, a structured mode of relating with babies dynamically and gently.
  9. It enhances the vestibular system, the part of our brain that coordinates our spatial awareness, sets a foundation for good posture, balance, flexibility and agility.
  10. Starting from 5-10 min initially to 10-20 min later on you can practice baby massage before bath to the baby. (Do if you are trained or get trained first)
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8 comments on “Top 10 tips why to do baby massage?

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  2. Hello, I represent a Clinic at Sao Paulo, Brazil. The information you shared here will help us when working with a patient. Medical issues, sometimes, can be hard to know when a patient describes it or even when talking with a professional. Information like that always help to keep us updated. Thanks and Best Regards.

  3. There’s so much research to be done in this field. Does the lack of touch in our lives lead to the rise in certain health problems (mental and physical health), and many of the social ills, that we see these days? The separation of baby and parent immediately after birth seems fundamentally wrong – and so obvious. Carry on getting the word out…

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