Top 5 ways To Protect Yourself From Cold & Flus

Similar to cold, influenza or flu causes sever symptoms lasting long. Every year millions of people develop influenza, get hospitalized and seek medical care. Various kinds of vaccinations are available today against all of these but the best way is learning how easily you can prevent this.

cold & flu remedies


Here are 5 tips from our experts on how you can protect yourself from influenza:

1. Wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap. In public restroom, use paper towel to turn off your faucet after you wash your hands, and avoid touching the doorknob. Was objects used by someone with cold water.

2. Take good care of yourself. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Don’t share foods or drinks.

3. Spend as little time as you can in crowds, especially in closed places, such as elevators and airplanes. When out keep your distance from sneezers and coughers. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth and nose after being with someone who had cold symptoms.

4. Use tissue rather than cloth handkerchiefs which may harbour viruses for hours or days.

5. Try to avoid irritating pollutants. Don’t smoke, which destroys protective cells in the airways and worsens cough. Limit your intake of alcohol which depresses the white cells and increase the risk of bacterial pneumonia in flu.

Taking care of these simple things will take you towards health.

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