Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Mood

Circumstances many times make us irritable and angry. We just don’t find a way out of the problems and find ourselves helpless.

English: Angry woman.

These are top 10 ways you can boost your mood:

1. Accentuate the positive: Think of the parts of your life that are going well rather than mulling over what’s not.

2. Review past success: Remind yourself of what you have accomplished before to motivate yourself to accomplish more in the future.

3. Pray: Religious practices are the most effective way of relieving depression.

4. Listen to music: While many forms of distraction help, at least temporarily this is one of the most popular and effective mood booster.

5. Treat yourself: Indulgences – big or small, expensive or not, can bring you up when you are feeling down. The reason- they meek you feel special.

6. Volunteer: By volunteering in different tasks like social causes, helping an old person crossing road etc will boost your mood immedeatly.

7. Exercise: In various studies across the World physical exercise is one of the best ways to change a bad mood, raise energy and reduce tension.

8. Act Happy: Putting on a happy face doesn’t make problems disappear but it does improve your mood.

9. Focus on the future: Although you can rewrite the past, you can learn from it. Resolve to try harder and do better the next time around.

10. Set a limit on self-pity: Tell yourself, ” I am going to feel sorry for myself this morning. But this afternoon, I have got to get on with my life.”


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