Is Your Heart Ready For Cold Weather?

If you have a heart disease, you have to take care of your heart throughout the year all 365 days. In addition to monitoring your symptoms, taking medications, following healthy lifestyle, having proper diet you also have to be prepared for the natural conditions.

Winton, heavy snowfall - - 1150414

Winton, heavy snowfall – – 1150414 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let us understand what happens when the weather becomes cold:

1. When the temperature outside drops the heart has to work harder to maintain  body’s core temperature.

2. According to American Heart Association heart failure is the cause of most of the deaths from hypothermia.

3. Research is still going on that why cold temperature increases the risk for heart disease too.

4. Few researchers think cold weather may influence the human body in other ways (e.g hormones or blood vessel constriction) leading to heart attack.

Take care of yourself:

  • Be sure to bundle up with layers of clothes when going outside.
  • Wear a hat to reduce heat loss from your head.
  • Go slow while doing physically challenging tasks.
  • Ask your doctor about which activities should you do in cold weather.
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