Top 5 Tips For Preventing Stroke

When blood supply to a portion of brain is blocked a cerebrovascular accident or stroke occurs.

Stroke ranks third after heart attacks and cancer as a cause of death. 80% of strokes are preventable and key risk factors can be modified through either lifestyle changes or drugs.

Here are top 5 tips for preventing stroke:

Stroke Diagram

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1. Quit Smoking: Smokers have twice the risk of stroke that non-smokers have. when they quit their risk drops 50% in 2 years. Within 5 years of quitting their risk is similar like non smokers.

2. Keep blood pressure under control: Treating hypertension with medication can lead to a 40% reduction in fatal and non fatal strokes.

3. Eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet which reduces your risk of fatty buildup in blood vessels.

4. Avoid Obesity, which burdens the heart as well as the blood vessels.

5. Exercise: Moderate amounts of exercise improves circulation and may help dissolve deposits in the blood vessels that can lead to stroke.

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Top 10 Tips To Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Not only does it affect your heart but also is dangerous for your lungs. If you are trying or want to quit smoking, following things will help you.

Top 10 ways you can quit smoking:

1. Use delaying tactics: Have your first cigarette of the day 15 minutes than usual, then 15 min later than that the next day and so on.

2. Distract yourself: When you feel a craving for cigarette , talk to someone, drink a glass of water or get up and move around.

3. Establish non-smoking hours: Instead of lighting up at the end of a meal, for instance get up immediatly, brush your teeth, wash your hands or take a walk.

4. Never smoke two packs of the same brand in a row: Buy cigarettes only by the pack, not by the carton.


5. Make it harder to get your cigarettes: Lock them in a drawer, wrap them in a paper, or leave them in your coat or car.

6. Change the way you smoke: Smoke with the hand you usually don’t use. Smoke only half of each cigarette.

7. Keep daily records: Chart your daily cigarette tally to see what progress you are making.

8. Stop completely for just one day at a time: Promise yourself 24 hours of freedom from cigarettes. When the day is over, make the same commitment for one more day. At the end of any 24 hours day, you can go back to smoking and not feel guilty.

9. Spend more time in places where you can;t smoke: Take up bike riding or swimming. Shower often. Go to movies or other places where smoking is not allowed.

10. Go cold turkey: If you are a heavily addicted smoker, try a decisive and complete break. Smokers who quit completely are less likely to light up again than those who gradually decrease their daily cigarette consumption, switch to low tar or low nicotine brands or use special filters and holders.


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