James Lind (1715-1794), Scottish doctor, portr...

James Lind (1715-1794),(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prevention is better than cure, this is what we always have heard. Do you know how preventive medicine started and what is its importance?

Preventive medicine dates back to 18th century. It developed as a branch of medicine distinct from public health. It came to existence even befor the causative agents of disease were known.

James Lind ( 1715-1794 ) a naval surgeon advocated the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables for the prevention of scurvy in 1753.

Edward Jenner (1749-1823 ) of Great Britain,a pupil of John Hunter , discovered vaccination against smallpox in 1796.

This same preventive medicine helps us stay away from various diseases by taking specific measures to enjoy life!!

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