Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Yoga

With the new year you all must have planned and made resolutions for being healthy, weight loss, eating right etc.

These do’s and don’ts will help all the begginers for making a start for a healthy year:

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Don’t have a big meal right before the class. Try eating light few hours before the class.

2. Don’t drink water during the class. But have some before and after.

3. Don’t wear shoes or socks during the class.

4. Don’t try to do yoga on your own or from an untrained person.

5. Do check out your yoga tips for more on what you expect.

6. D0- review the yoga etiquettes so that you feel comfortable entering a unfamiliar situation.

7. Do- tell the teacher that its your first yoga class.

8. Do- ask for any help required.

9. Do- familiarize with some beginner yoga poses before you take your first class.

10. Do- Be regular for your classess!!


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Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Mood

Circumstances many times make us irritable and angry. We just don’t find a way out of the problems and find ourselves helpless.

English: Angry woman.

These are top 10 ways you can boost your mood:

1. Accentuate the positive: Think of the parts of your life that are going well rather than mulling over what’s not.

2. Review past success: Remind yourself of what you have accomplished before to motivate yourself to accomplish more in the future.

3. Pray: Religious practices are the most effective way of relieving depression.

4. Listen to music: While many forms of distraction help, at least temporarily this is one of the most popular and effective mood booster.

5. Treat yourself: Indulgences – big or small, expensive or not, can bring you up when you are feeling down. The reason- they meek you feel special.

6. Volunteer: By volunteering in different tasks like social causes, helping an old person crossing road etc will boost your mood immedeatly.

7. Exercise: In various studies across the World physical exercise is one of the best ways to change a bad mood, raise energy and reduce tension.

8. Act Happy: Putting on a happy face doesn’t make problems disappear but it does improve your mood.

9. Focus on the future: Although you can rewrite the past, you can learn from it. Resolve to try harder and do better the next time around.

10. Set a limit on self-pity: Tell yourself, ” I am going to feel sorry for myself this morning. But this afternoon, I have got to get on with my life.”


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Top 10 Stress Busters

You live with stress everyday, whether you are studying foe exams, meeting people, facing new experiences, or trying to live on a budget. You are not alone. Everyone around you regardless of gender, age, race or income is dealing with stress today.

Stress has long term and short term effects on our mind as well as body. While stress alone doesnt cause disease, it triggers the molecular changes throughout the body that make us susceptible for diseases.

Stress in itself isnt necessarily bad. What matters most is the individuals response to cope up with stress.

Here are top 10 stress busters that will help you:

1. Strive for balance: Review your comitments and plans, and if necessary scale down.

2. Get the facts: When faced with a challenge , seek accurate information which can bring your fears down.

3. Talk with someone you trust: A friend or a health proffesional can offer valuable prospective as well as psycological support.

4. Exercise: Take out 20-30 min several times a week to walk, swim, bicycle or jog.

5. Express yourself in writing: Keeping a diary is the best way to put your problems in aperspective.

6. Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep. Eat balanced diet. Limit your use of sugar, salt, smoking , alcohol etc.

7. Set priorities: Making a list of what you need to do and setting the priorities will help you direct your energies in proper direction.

8. Help others: This is one of the best ways of dealing with stress.

9. Cultivate hobbies: Pursuing a personal pleasure can distract you from the stress.

10. Master a form of relaxation: Choose either meditation, yoga or any other relaxation technique and master it.